Accept accents in email addresses

now we are allowed to use accented strings in emails addresses but IN refuses to set such text => “please set a correct email address”…

For ex. one of my customer uses : comptabilité@… (see the eacute accent…)

OK, I am self hosted so I alter the record in Db but it’s not the real solution…

Can you think about this for 4 & 5 versions ?


I believe this should work in v5

Great, but I need this on 4.x because I am in production :wink:

We’re currently only fixing critical v4 bugs, v5 should be ready for production soon…

OK, I wait…
Thanks !

Unrelated to your initial question, but I didn’t know that about accents. Is it supported by all major email providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc?

Only old configurations don’t support them ;-( but all mail providers do

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