Ability to have single product that creates multiple line items in invoice?

I need to be able to populate an invoice with multiple items when I input a single item.

For example, if I add a “dryerkit” item, I want InvoiceNinja to automatically create line items for

  • A belt
  • An idler pulley
  • 2 rollers

Is this something that already exists and I’m missing it, or is it something I would need to write?



edit …

It wouldn’t be too hard to do with a database trigger, but I’m not how I would make the invoice refresh in the web browser (or if it happens automatically after a DB update)

Maybe you could create a subscription on Settings > API Tokens

Wow, that’s very cool! However there doesn’t seem to be a subscription for line items, just the whole invoice.

Is there a way to create an invoice line_item subscription that triggers after the line is added?


Sorry, no

Is there any way to refresh client data from the server-side?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question?