A question about invoices

Hello, when a product is purchased and the customer pays the first invoice, I have made it so that in the OnlinePaymentController.php in the function completePurchase in an external database a product is created to which a customer then has access. But what about when the product expires, he gets the new invoice, in which function is all this done? Also in the completePurchase? Since I need a function to change the duration of my external product after all the coming invoices.

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You may want to consider creating webhook on Settings > API Tokens instead. This would prevent app updates from overwriting your changes.

I think you misunderstood me. I am looking for a way to change values for a product in the database when someone pays their invoice again. So somewhere in InvoiceNinja a function so I can change the values in my database.

We aren’t able to provide developer support but the relevant code is here: