A few glitches with invoices (Due Date settings and Sent stickers - v5.2.11-C53)


I have trouble understanding how the “Due Date” is supposed to work. If left blank, it gets populated with the default value set in the settings when the invoice is marked as sent, good. But if I try to set other values (or even manually set the same default value, which is Net 30 in my case), I get really weird results:

Net 30 always gives me 2021-03-22:

Net 60 and Net 90 give me 2021-09-01:

And Net 120 (one I created) gives me 2021-01-01:

Hitting “Enter” after writing these values just sets the date that is shown in the orange preview in my screenshots… basically none of the terms calculations seem to work as intended for me.

Also, when marking an invoice as “sent”, I get the “PAID” sticker, but the invoice is indeed not paid as no payment gets created…

Any help with these issues would be appreciated please, thanks in advance!

It’s a date field, it’s expecting a date not ‘Net …’

Is the invoice for more than $0?

OK thanks for the clarification, I thought I could use the presets there… because when I create a new invoice the filed shows “Net 30” (the defaullt I set in the company details), so it’s a bit confusing to see text there but not being able to input text after.


The text also disappears when i click on the date field, so it’s tempting to just type it back again… which I did, and I didn’t get the results I was expecting.

So all in all, is there any way to use the “Net” presets besides setting them as default and letting the “Due Date” blank until the invoice is sent?

No, and I can also see the balance due as a proof it’s not properly been flagged as paid:

The first time it happened I thought maybe I clicked the wrong menu entry by default (BTW, is there any way to “undo” a paid mark, if that happens by mistake?)

But then it happened again on the invoice I created right after. Now that it’s been flagged as paid, I can no longer mark is as paid for real, which means I can’t use it to generate a related payment.


I agree that’s confusing, we’ll look into it.

@david any thoughts on the second issue?

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@charles, are you able to reproduce the invoice being marked as paid with a new invoice? I haven’t seen this before.

It’s weird, I can’t reproduce the issue anymore with new invoices (well, that’s a good thing I guess). I’ll keep you posted if it happens again! Thanks