500: Server Error

Once again getting the 500: Server Error on anything I do, can’t save invoices, quotes or projects, can’t send any invoice or quote.

[2023-05-30 23:51:55] production.ERROR: Index invalid or out of range {“exception”:"[object] (RuntimeException(code: 0): Index invalid or out of range at /home/pacedvgq/invoices.eleana-us.com/vendor/bacon/bacon-qr-code/src/Encoder/MaskUtil.php:106)


@david do you have any suggestions?

I haven’t seen this one before. are you using the php opcache? I found this resource which may help.

I read through the thread and not sure how to read it and fix my issue.

Honestly, I just probably need to find someone that can go in and see whats going on and fix it. It has been so frustrating, I’m now getting reports that clients are getting other clients quotes and invoices which is not good at all. Here is the deal, I’m using Namecheap’s Softaculous to install and host our Ninja Invoice.