500 Server Error When Saving Any Setting

I use Invoice Ninja [v5.3.39] as self-hosted on a shared-web-hosting server. Whenever I make any changes to the settings and try to save, I get a popup saying - “500: Server Error”.

Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 11.58.54 AM

Not able to use the application to its fullest potential because of this. I am restricted to using it only with the default setting - without being able to customize any options. Any support I could get would be much helpful.


Since the forum did not allow me to upload more than one media file - I had to leave follow-up comments:

There are no errors I could find about this on the logs (/storage/logs/laravel.log).

It seems to show no problems with the ‘Health Checkup’ too. Tried clearing cache as well.


It may help to update to the latest version.

@david do you have any suggestions?

Could it be a permissions issue? are you able to do anything in the app such as save an invoice?

@david, Thanks so much for the reply.
I am able to save invoices, clients, products etc. I am just not able to modify anything in the settings.

@hillel, Thanks for the reply.
It says I am running the latest version. Even while force updating from here, it says “update completed”. But I don’t see any change after that.


Can you please DM me the contents of the settings column in the companies table please. I’ll have a look.

Could you be more specific as to exactly which tablet (name)?