500 Server Error v5.8.54-C146

Hi there again,

Please help, I just updated my system to the new v5.8.54-C146, it got the 500 server error, but the system load ok, but all new features are not installed, and when I ran update?secret=******, it give the the 500 server error everytime. see log.

Thank you
500 Server Error.txt (14.3 KB)


From the error it looks like a database migration failed to complete. You’ll need to comment out the parts of the migration which have run and then run php artisan migrate to complete it.

@hillel I really appreciate your quicly answer, thank you

now, I am new on server commends, could privide me with more detail how do I do this? comment out* witch file have that information?


I believe the file is database/migrations/2024_01_10_155555_add_bank_transaction_nordigen_field.php


Thank you very much. it worked.

I have another question, how do I increase the amount of activity and system logs to keep? I like to increase like to 500 records


Thank you

All records are kept in the database, the frontend limits how many are loaded on the dashboard. If you view a specific client you’ll see all of the activity records. Feel free to create an issue on GitHub to request more are loaded on the dashboard.