500: Server Error on Payment

Using version v5.2.6-C51 self-hosted docker. This worked last time I entered a payment (before last update). Now I get this error when trying to save payment.


To Add:

  • laravel.log doesn’t list anything.
  • restarting server, clear cache relogin, none of that changes anything. Still can’t add a payment.
  • No available updates outside
  • Looked outside to the reverse proxy, no apparent errors (that would not be internal to the app)

Still looking for other logs… no sign of what’s throwing the error or what might have changed here.

Seems I can manually on the invoice mark it as “Paid” but not add an actual payment.

I’m seeing the same issue here, too.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


Do you see any errors in storage/logs/laravel.log ?

I think I know the issue here, the fix is in the latest branch and I’ll tag a new release now.

Sorry for the lack of info in the original post.

No, nothing in the logs here either.
I was seeing exactly the same as @cwl reported.

this is fixed in the latest tag.

Hi @hillel and @david - I can confirm from my end that v5.2.7-C51 appears to have fixed it. I can now add payments. Thanks guys.

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Thanks for the update, glad to hear it!