500: Internal Server Error Oops, something went wrong. Make sure you have symlink to storage/ in public/ directory

This error occurs when creating a delivery note


@david any thoughts?


We’ve had a couple of reports of this one but have been able to find where the issue is as it seem to be related to the installation.

I’ve modified the code which should make finding the issues easier in the next release.

I do not get the error on the new release, but when I click checkbox nothing happens.

Below is part of the error message. It is repeatable in the new 5.1.74 (Softacoulus Installation on shared hosting.
The Invoice PDF is generated and shown, but the delivery note is not. It did work at some point. but I had to recreate the storage via the command prompt to resolve an other issue, and now the delivery note does not work anymore.

(Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\Exception\FileNotFoundException(code: 0): The file “ipcjudpqptygd2d8pjgjgex7jqbrio/BO2mo4kUm5jdgzX40tX8ClCAPtXMgPHKgPPP9/invoices/INV-2021-0013.pdf” does not exist at /home/u25438p33343/domains/invoice5.turtlecreations.nl/public_html/vendor/symfony/http-foundation/File/File.php:36)