500 | Error Server after filling out a setup page

I followed all the configuration steps on the link Install Invoice Ninja v5 on Ubuntu 20.04 but after I did all the configuration on the setup page a blank page appears with the message 500 | Server error as below:


How can I investigate this issue? I’ve done it 3 times.


Are there any details about the error in storage/logs/

The most common error… Can you verify the file ownerships in the InvoiceNinja directory match your user account for the web server software? For Ubuntu, whether you use NGINX or Apache, it ought to be www-data:www-data owning every file.

And if you have any dumps in storage/logs/ that is most often the best ways to find where the errors are.

And do you host any other PHP web applications on your server also? Such as a “Grav” blog, or other webapp? Conflicting versions of PHP can cause issues, that can be rectified by being more explicit with PHP references in the configuration of the NGINX file.