500 error creating a client with the API

I´m having some troulbe in using the REST-API.
It already worked just fine. Now i haven’t touched the code for a while, tried it again and got the following error:

<http://localhost/api/v1/clients): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error>

I only seem to have this problem, while creating a client. Creating an invoices, and reading data works just fine.

I Checked all the Server Logs and couldnt find the error listed in them, although error-logging is activated.

Has anybody ever encountered this Problem?
Going through the Invoice Ninja files, i only found the laravel.log.
Is there another application-Log, where i might find some logged errors?

Hello to all!

I have a small problem with sending invoices to the clients. I have no chance to bring it to work.
The email settings in the .env should be correct, cause the admin notification is sent out.
I tried a few email adresses to ensure that it is not a spamfilter problem.

I am very happy for every help!
Tahnks in advance

Problem solved!
The Adminuser email did not correspond with the server email.

Thats it.

Thank you.


Check your apache logs for any PHP errors. For permission errors I’ve seen it log to the apache logs but not laravel.log.