401 on /api/v1/invoices/{invoice_id}/download

Hi folks,

I’m working on converting some code from the V4 API to V5 and have a free account on invoicing.co to test the V5 API. I’m able to fetch invoice details just fine (/api/v1/invoices/{invoice_id}) (returns a status 200 with JSON content) but when I try to do any action on them, such as downloading (/api/v1/invoices/{invoice_id}/download), I get a 401 Unauthorized back from InvoiceNinja. Same headers etc for both requests.

It occurred to me that this might be a free account restriction, though I can’t find any information about that documented anywhere. Would you be able to confirm this, or if not perhaps point me to the correct endpoint for downloading invoice PDFs?


I believe you are correct, @david can you please confirm


Yes, this is most likely the reason.