4.2.2 nor 4.3.1 won't read .env file


Self host here. Lightspeed server, CloudLinux, all that good major webhost software.

For some reason, the PHPdebugbar keeps showing up. I’ve also noticed that in System settings, it’s not reading the .env file, so all the options are default and not what is set up for the system. Permissions are correct. (I even set them a+wrx just to debug). Error log doesn’t seem to help.

This system has worked in the past… so I’m just looking for where to start to point fingers and/or debug.

Any ideas?

Does setting APP_DEBUG to false in the .env file hide the debug bar?


If you’ve previously cached the settings you can use the following command to clear the cache:

php artisan config:clear

.env is set to production and debug is set to false. I even tried setting (as a hail mary) APP_DEBUG in config/app.php to false.

That did it. I’ve been whacking away at this for at least two weeks and googling and RTFM’ing failed.

Great to hear!